Major Roderic Stanley Dallas, DSO, DSC & Bar

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Major Roderic Stanley Dallas, DSO, DSC & Bar

Postby OzBiggles1963 » 15 Jun 2018, 11:57

Following an interesting & historical TV News article tonight, I learnt that Major Roderick Stanley Dallas [an Australian WW1 ace who served in the RNAS], was accredited officially with 39 victories, & may have shot down "over 50", but was purportedly somewhat laid back in putting in his kill reports etc.

Reading Wikipedia: "On 2 May 1918, during a lull in the fighting at Flanders, Dallas took off in his S.E.5 to taunt his foes. He strafed the German base at La Brayelle to "attract attention" before dropping a package on the aerodrome with a note reading, "If you won't come up here and fight, herewith a pair of boots for work on the ground, pilots for the use of". He then circled in mist until troops came to examine the bundle, whereupon he dropped two bombs and again shot up the base, causing "general panic".

My memory tells me one of the WW1 RFC stories has an episode where a hun pilot drops some boots [was it boots, or some other item of clothing?] on Biggles's aerodrome, with an insulting note attached, resulting in him getting riled up & flying off into the wild blue yonder in search of 'restoring honour' etc.

Been a long time [some decades, lol] since I've read this, but something in Dallas's exploit above reminded me of a Biggles escapade. Somebody will definitely have a better memory than me.


P.S. Reading further, Dallas seems to have been a remarkable flyer, leader & mentor to new pilots [similar to Mannock imho], & makes me wonder if WEJ knew about his tragically short career...shot down the day he was promoted to Lieutenant-Colonel & withdrawn from flying by the Authorities. Hmm, again very similar to Biggles' experience, i.e. shot down [yet survived] the day he was promoted to Major etc, albeit the last day of the war.
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Re: Major Roderic Stanley Dallas, DSO, DSC & Bar

Postby Tommy Smith » 15 Jun 2018, 12:33

I seem to recall that a promotion very often attracted a swift demise shortly after.

He does sound very Bertie.
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Re: Major Roderic Stanley Dallas, DSO, DSC & Bar

Postby Kismet » 15 Jun 2018, 13:39

WEJ might have heard about him. He's very honest that he based the WW1 stories on real incidents.
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Re: Major Roderic Stanley Dallas, DSO, DSC & Bar

Postby kylie_koyote » 15 Jun 2018, 13:47

Yes, there was a Biggles story about boots being dropped on an aerodrome. I forget which one, offhand, and I haven't time to check at the moment.
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