Where were the original "Air Police" stories published?

Where were the original "Air Police" stories published?

Postby DrBiggles » 06 May 2014, 23:46

I wanted to ask if anybody could help me with my quest to find out WHERE the original Biggles "Air Police" short stories were first published?
I have found all the stories from Biggles Takes the Case - see http://www.biggles.info/Details/41/
I am fairly confident that all the stories from Biggles Air Detective and Biggles Investigates were probably never published anywhere other than in those books.
I think that is also the case for the first six stories (the Air Police stories) from Biggles of the Special Air Police.

The short stories I really need help tracing are the ones marked on my web site as "original publication unknown" from
Biggles and the Pirate Treasure - http://www.biggles.info/Details/49/
Biggles Chinese Puzzle - http://www.biggles.info/Details/53/
Biggles of the Interpol - http://www.biggles.info/Details/58/
Biggles Presses On - http://www.biggles.info/Details/60/
Biggles Flies to Work - http://www.biggles.info/Details/78/

Is anyone able to tell me the magazine or annual or periodical the stories appeared in? Thanks for any help that anyone can give. Roger.
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