666 Squadron DID exist

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666 Squadron DID exist

Postby Fairblue » 28 Nov 2014, 13:38

Today I found in the library the book The Squadrons of the Royal Air Force by James J Halley.

In it I discovered an entry headed 666 Squadron.

No 666 Squadron belonged to the RCAF during it's short existence in WW2 but finally entered the RAF post-war as an entry in Wikipedia testifies. Note the aircraft used!

Formation and World War II
No. 666 Squadron RCAF was first formed on 5 March 1945 at RAF Andover as an air observation post (AOP) squadron associated with the Canadian 1st Army. After a period working together with the Canadian army and later with the occupation forces in Germany the squadron disbanded on 30 September 1946.

As the number was not transferred to the Canadian authorities, it was revived post-war when the squadron was reformed as No. 666 (Scottish) Squadron RAuxAF, part of the RAuxAF on 1 May 1949 at Scone. Equipped with Auster AOP.6 aircraft, the squadrons headquarters was based at RAF Perth/Scone, with three detached flights, Nos. 1966, 1967 and 1968 Flight RAF at respectively RAF Perth/Scone, RAF Renfrew (later RAF Abbotsinch) and RAF Turnhouse, before it was disbanded on 10 March 1957 by transferring to the Army Air Corps.

It's motto is "Speculatus ascendimus" - "We ascend to observe".

Not quite the same as the 666 we know and love but nevertheless.....
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Re: 666 Squadron DID exist

Postby kylie_koyote » 28 Nov 2014, 13:49

I came across a reference to it somewhere in my googling. I wonder if they "got" it and made jokes about it?
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Re: 666 Squadron DID exist

Postby auster_aiglet » 28 Nov 2014, 14:21

266 Squadron existed as well. It was certainly flying Hunters in the 1960's (Biggles in the Terai?) and, possibly, Venoms before that.

Anyway, who doesn't like an Auster? :D

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Re: 666 Squadron DID exist

Postby Steamloco4468 » 17 Jun 2015, 19:46

In one book of mine it says that 666 squadron served as a liason squadron with the army and flew Auster aircraft! I will dig it out and write it verse and chapter what it says. The book is British Aircraft of World War II
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