Please Help My Search!

Please Help My Search!

Postby agricola » 12 Nov 2015, 20:38

Dear Folks,

You kind people all seem so well-versed in Biggles-ish literature that you just might be able to offer a few suggestions (as to title or author) regarding a book I read at Primary School in 1955, when I was ten years old. We had a 'class library', a shelf of a dozen or so tattered volumes, and I was sometimes allowed to choose one and read while the rest of the class were doing spelling tests. The book in question was a fictional (I think) story of U. S. Navy carrier pilots in the Pacific, probably a little after the Battle of Midway: like Gordon Forbes's 'Goodbye To Some' (and DO read that, if you haven't already!), it was written by somebody with a very good idea of what he was writing about. All I can remember is that it was in the first person, and referred to the Zero as the 'Navy 0', mentioning the difficulty of holding one in one's sights for long enough to shoot it down. I would love to read it again, and all suggestions will be gratefully received.

At one time, I did think it might be non-fiction, e.g. Robert A. Winston's sequel to 'Dive Bomber' (another 'must read'), but I found a copy of that, called 'Fighting Squadron', and it wasn't what I was after. Well worth having, all the same.

Any thoughts?

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