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Postby SaintedAunt » 14 Nov 2013, 11:49

Jenny Rob wrote:Yes I think they left the two fittest members of the party to carry Henry or as Algy put it "I see you have kept the most dangerous part of the mission for yourself as usual" or words to that effect.

Which is much the same as how Algy puts it in Borneo when he says that if there is a danger a bloke will lose his life, Biggles prefers to do the job himself (I paraphrase here).
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Re: Ginger's training

Postby Inactive User 149 » 14 Nov 2013, 11:57

Yes quite but Ginger has other ideas and insists on going with Biggles.
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Re: Ginger's training

Postby OzBiggles1963 » 14 Nov 2013, 12:13

Spitfire666 wrote:
Purple Pigeon wrote:I've just acquired a Girls Own Annual (1930-1931) and it contains an article called "Shall we ever Fly to School?" In part it talks about a 14 year old girl, Leslie Mant who seems to be a sort of female version of Ginger (albeit one with supportive parents!). The period is slightly before his time but the comments about the training are interesting.

That is very interesting: is any author given for the article?

Can't find any author/journalist for the Girls Own Annual article on Google myself, but a couple of old newspaper articles were found, one as follows from 22/5/1932: ... 11,3981516
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Re: Ginger's training

Postby Purple Pigeon » 14 Nov 2013, 12:50

The Girls Own article was written by Norah Cameron.

Other interesting information is that at the time if you wanted an air taxi it cost about ninepence a mile. A half hour "pilot's test flight" which is a taster lesson in dual control flying cost about 2 guineas.
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