Who were the books intended for?

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Re: Who were the books intended for?

Postby Frecks » 27 Jun 2017, 11:38

Of course he Biggles books were banned from public libraries at one time because they were classed as racist.
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Re: Who were the books intended for?

Postby Tracer » 27 Jun 2017, 12:28

elderlyfemalerelativ wrote:A lot of libraries go through the unfortunate phase of sub-dividing books into categories, such as Fantasy, Crime etc, then putting signs above the shelves to help readers.
One particular library shortened all their signs to 3 letters, so the category "Good Read" got shortened to Goo. Which about sums it up

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Re: Who were the books intended for?

Postby Foolscap » 01 Jul 2017, 18:07

Just for interest...the "adult" jackets for two of the books mentioned earlier.I couldn't see them elsewhere on the forum, but am bound to duplicate something, somewhere.

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