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About: joining/registering with the forum

Postby von Zoyton » 04 Sep 2013, 15:55

A note for new members and guests:

Password: for security we have made the desired password complex. Passwords require a capital letter and a number. This is to try avoid our getting hacked. Some people fail to notice the requirement when putting in a password when they first try to register.

Verify by admin: once you register the forum will go into an approval queue for admin to check you out. This is to fight spammers as we have many fake profiles trying to sign up.

Moderation: after joining, in order to fight spam, we moderate your first few posts. An admin/mod will approve the first posts you make. Once we trust you are not a spammer there is no more waiting for your posts to be approved.

Introduce yourself: we have an "introduce yourself" section which is not available or visible to guests (non-members), only registered members, and a good place to make your first post.

Past members of the old forums: we lost all of our data on the last move to bigglesforum.net and if you were a member in the past of the old forums you will need to register all over again, sorry!
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