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About Biggles

PostPosted: 22 Apr 2013, 09:14
by von Zoyton
About Biggles: James C. Bigglesworth is a fictional pilot from the pen of Captain W. E. Johns who wrote nearly 100 books featuring Biggles, starting with him as a teenage WWI fighter pilot, and continuing right through to the late 1960s when he was an air detective. They are primarily children’s books but the earliest WWI stories and some of the early inter-war stories were originally written for young adults.

Many Biggles fans will tell you that the author never talked down to the reader and that the books make first rate adventure reading for all ages. Johns also had a gift for imparting information – military, geographical and historical – in a way that was painless for his readers. Above all, he was a splendid raconteur; his stories were usually fast-moving and not without humour.

Biggles fights his way through two world wars and, in the inter-war and post-war periods, navigates around the world being an action hero with his pals Algy, Ginger and Bertie. Over the years they use many different types of aeroplane, some real, some fictional – a source of much discussion amongst fans seeking to establish exactly which aircraft Johns had in mind!

But Biggles is no cardboard cut-out hero. Johns used many of his own experiences to write the WWI stories, and invested much of his own philosophy and beliefs in his fictional hero. He allows Biggles to be human, to make mistakes, to feel anger and grief as well as the nomal hero-type attributes of bravery, loyalty, dedication to his country and to what he believes to be right. It is these qualities of character development that make Biggles and his friends such believable characters, and bestow on the books their enduring popularity.

(text kindly written by 'SaintedAunt')