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About the forum, Captain W.E. Johns and Biggles. Including samples of WEJ writing

About the Biggles Forum

Postby von Zoyton » 22 Apr 2013, 09:10

Welcome to the Biggles Forum which is completely free and open to all.

About the forum:

This forum has existed since 2003 and has a solid core of dedicated members. In the past through using free hosts we lost the forum a few times. But as of April 2013 we moved to a permanent paid host and domain name thus the Biggles Forum is here for good. We are advert free, the domain name and hosting are paid for with contributions from members, however the forum will always remain free to be a member of with no pressure at all for funds. In fact you don't even have to join as all the threads are open to read by the public. You only need to register in order to join in and post (this is just as a defence against spammers). Many of our firmest members 'lurked' for sometime before joining.

The intention is to make this the best resource for all Captain W.E. Johns related information with an interactive edge and community of like minded Biggles fans.

(see also this thread: A brief history of the Biggles Forum )

About the subjects:

A place to talk about the flying hero James C Bigglesworth (known to his friends as Biggles) and all the creations from the books of Captain W.E. Johns. Members are encouraged to take an active role in adding information to all the sections. This is a forum for the members by the members! We talk about: the books, the characters, selling and buying books and anything Biggles related in our classifieds section. Fan Fiction / Pastiche writing. Role Playing Games (RPG). Aircraft, aviation and model making.

If you don't know the books you are welcome here if you are interested in the subjects covered. Talk about Biggles and any subjects you want to bring here, off topic is ok: the WEJ community! Most of all: enjoy the forum and have fun!
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