The Boy Biggles, To Outer Space, Edge of Beyond

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The Boy Biggles, To Outer Space, Edge of Beyond

Postby Miss Carstairs » 24 Feb 2014, 21:37

Another spare - I'm slowly trying to sort out my books a bit.

I'm asking for £3 for this, plus £1.50 postage (contact me first if you're somewhere the other side of the world as I'm afraid the postage will go up!)

It's the yellow backed, Dean and Son 1968 book, with the front cover picture of some poor boy dangling off a ropey bridge... with Biggles on hand to save him, naturally.
The pages are good with a few marks, spine good. Top corners of cover are a bit bent. It's good for it's age basically. I can send photos of the book if anyone wants :)
PM me if you need to know anything else.

ETA two 'Space' adventures by WEJ - I'm just selling them as they're really not my thing, I prefer to collect the WEJ books I actually re-read.

'To Outer Space' - paperback, Piccolo books 1980, the cover is acceptable (scuffs and two corners bent) spine OK, pages fine as far as I know. £3 + £1.10 postage in UK.

'The Edge of Beyond' - paperback, Piccolo books 1981, cover is good but not perfect, spine fine, pages good. £4.50 + £1.10 postage in UK.
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