Poem: Will you forget me?

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Poem: Will you forget me?

Postby von Zoyton » 27 Apr 2014, 11:40

Will you forget me?

“Will you forget me?” she asked.
Then repeated; the noise of the river;
Makes it hard to hear.
“Never,” I mean it.

The jungle by the river,
Monkeys, snakes and virgin forest
This is not my place
Far from birth on a metal bird

“I think you forget me,” she says.
The river is high and yellow with sand
Loud. Do I hear her voice?
A sting, and the bug is gone.

How can I promise more,
When this place stings my heart
And I want to promise
Not to forget, and I never will

The sun so hot and the river
Filling my ears
Like the shrill whine of the
Metal bird
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