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What do you think of bookmarks?

I have more bookmarks than I have books!
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Bookmarks are lovable. I own quite a few.
I have one or two bookmarks. They come in useful from time to time.
Bookmarks are a waste of time. Who needs them?
No opinion. Also, why is this poll in existence?
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Re: Bookmarks

Postby kylie_koyote » 10 May 2018, 21:26

StoneRoad wrote:Oh, and like Tracer, I heartily dislike people marking passages or adding notations.
When I was a student, I would take a photocopy, unless it was a long item.

I would (and still do) put in one of those large post-it notes and mark the post-it next to the stuff I wanted to note, rather than write directly in the book.
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Re: Bookmarks

Postby Kismet » 10 May 2018, 23:48

For things like notes on a play, in my own copy of a text, I think noting in the actual book next to the original text is unbeatable as everything is unlosably together. Post its can fall out or get stuck on the wrong page but are good to mark passages needed to construct an essay.


I also have a couple (or perhaps a few more) of local history books and I have annotated some pages to add family details, such as 'my father was born in this house'. Again, I feel that the additional information belongs in the book.
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Re: Bookmarks

Postby tiffinata » 11 May 2018, 00:00

If I've got a ring-bound copy (ie copy of copy) of something factual, I might make notes on the pages, or if it is work-related updates and corrections. In the latter case it might be the only hard copy, and becomes our 'working document'
Real and proper books- no way!
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Re: Bookmarks

Postby RAAF Spitfire Girl » 11 May 2018, 06:58

It depends on the book. Some of my textbooks definitely have added notations in pencil, because I find that useful and pertinent and ultimately time-saving (particularly if I've noted another reference to pursue). But in good quality novels (and Biggles definitely rates in that category :D ) I would not add notes.

I do not turn the corners of the pages - probably because I was taught not to as a child - and still find I can get something of a slight thrill when I open an old book at a book-marked section and as I begin reading, realise why I found it interesting enough to place the bookmark in.

I do become seriously annoyed when I borrow books from my college library and discover that some inconsiderate person has written their notes in the margins. That's defacing a book that is not one's own property. I always p/copy the relevant sections and then I can scribble over them to my heart's content.

And yes, I love interesting bookmarks - have a pile!! :D
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Re: Bookmarks

Postby Fairblue » 11 May 2018, 08:17

I think it's okay to put notes in margins of text books, as long as the books belong to you. They are working book, tools of the trade, designed to assist, and I find scribbled notes in the margins at the appropriate place helps enormously. I have even been known to highlight passages. what n I took my degree I bought second-hand books, because money was tight. These had markings, scribbles and highlights and in a couple of instances, actually helped to draw attention to a point I'd missed.
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