KSLI Regimental Museum, Shrewsbury Castle, Shropshire, UK

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KSLI Regimental Museum, Shrewsbury Castle, Shropshire, UK

Postby The Professor » 12 Oct 2013, 21:37

It's often overlooked, but if you're ever in Shrewsbury then the King's Shropshire Light Infantry regimental museum, inside the old Shrewsbury castle, is a great day out. It goes all the way from the American Revolutionary War to the present day, via some impressive WWI ordnance and WWII collections, including two massive field guns, a Russian Maxim and a German anti-tank rifle, plus an abundance of uniformed mannequins. It's also a haunt of many veterans of the KSLI and surrounding Midland regiments, and they offer some great advice and anecdotes.

It's just by the train station and up the hill. The gardens of the castle are also very picturesque, you can climb the tower and get a wonderful view of the town, and there's a good gift shop too. It's also very close to the Library, the old site of the original Shrewsbury School campus, where Charles Darwin received and education. His name is engraved in the wood in one of the rooms.
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